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Powersaving on Linux Laptops

I’ve been a long time Linux fan and user. I have been subscribed to each new software update and eager to install and test the updates. Everything was going fine until a kernel update brought me the very famous Linux Power Regression. Since that day, I’ve been fighting out to save some juice on my […]

Install Picasa 3.9 on Fedora 19

Picasa had been my all-time favourite image manager (even though I’m sharing time with Shotwell these days). While I was awaiting for a native client for Linux, Google swayed away by closing down the Linux support. But this should not let you down as you can still install Picasa for Windows on your Fedora Linux […]

How to enable gnote status icon?

Gnote is a free and open-source desktop notetaking application written for Linux, cloned from Tomboy by Hubert Figuiere. It uses a Wiki-like linking system to connect notes together. Gnote is part of the GNOME desktop environment, often filling the need for personal information management. With emerge of Gnome Shell (3.x series), there have been some […]

How to enable desired gnome shell theme?

Gnome Shell is the user interface that you see while using Gnome 3.x on various GNU/Linux distributions. Gnome Shell is highly themable, and a wide variety of themes are available on the Internet (see http://gnome-shell.deviantart.com/ for a list of good themes). Fedora 16 comes with Adwaita as the default theme, which many of you would […]

Digital Photography Tools on GNU/Linux

I’ve been a long time GNU/Linux user and have been using Fedora Linux for almost all of the digital computing. Just recently I bought a Nikon D3100 DSLR and plunged into a new realm — Digital Photography. Until before, most of my work consisted of System Administration, at which GNU/Linux was pretty powerful and I […]